Choosing Wealth® Alliance Partner

$299 initiation / $99 annual recurring

Why become a Choosing Wealth® Alliance Partner?

We move to change the vision of “getting by” and “paycheck to paycheck” to one where choosing wealth becomes the lifestyle.
An Alliance Partner participates in our revenue-share program and mission to promote and enhance wealth literacy through the Choosing Wealth® platform. Together we inspire people to learn and do things with their money to help them achieve wealth.

Who becomes a Choosing Wealth® Alliance Partner?

Financial Services, Human Resources and Benefits Providers

Incorporate our Choosing Wealth® platform today as a tool or benefit to improve employee/client wealth literacy and wellness.

Education Institutions

The Choosing Wealth® platform suits and supplements secondary and degree program curricula with audience suitable wealth literacy concepts.


Our Choosing Wealth® Calculator as a fund raising opportunity adds real value to all involved!

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Add a revenue stream or product line to your independent financial or business services firm.


Make Americans Wealthy Again℠

Incorporate the Choosing Wealth® platform into your benefits, services, education, fund-raising or sales plan and bring wealth literacy to the mainstream.



What are the Choosing Wealth® Alliance Partner benefits?

  • Revenue from distribution of Choosing Wealth® products through your revenue-share website
  • An incentive coupon code valid only at your revenue-share website
  • Access to our Choosing Wealth® Calculator at
  • Access to our education portal
  • Choosing Wealth® promotion and distribution aids
  • An Alliance Partner Welcome Kit