Why Become an Alliance Partner? Be a part of the Wealth Literacy movement!

Make Americans Wealthy Again®!

Polling reveals Americans desire wealth information and tools. Our Choosing Wealth® platform delivers wealth literacy products and education you can embed in your benefits, services, education, fund-raising or sales plans.

Financial & HR Services

For financial services, HR and benefits professions, adding value is what you’re all about. Improved client worth or employee output always helps your bottom line. Add our products and education and enhance your value, and worth.

Education Institutions

The smart money is on teaching people to become wealthy. Wealthy people endow. You can add our tools and learning to your curricula, and generate revenue for your stakeholders and programs.

Charities and Non Profits

Giving and legacy programs can generously benefit from subscription models. Recurring revenue helps you focus on people. Our model fits many types of organizations and objectives, and the people they serve.

Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Everyone wishes they were smarter about money. Together, we can help them learn and do. The Choosing Wealth® platform in your business could be part of what your customers are looking for. A wealthy choice for all of you.

Our platform includes the Alliance Partner distribution and revenue-share channel, the Choosing Wealth® Calculator and related products, and the Wealth Literacy Institute education hub.